Nature’s Way Café Rewards Program!

Join the Nature’s Way Café Rewards program and earn points for discounts on your fresh, nutritious, and delicious orders! Nature’s Way Café Rewards Program members earn five (5) points for every $1 dollar spent, and once you have 500 or more points you can apply them to your next purchase!

ALSO: Earn double points on specific items & days!

§  TUESDAY-SATURDAY: 2x points on breakfast items! (8 - 10:30AM only)
§  TUESDAY: 2x points on beverages! (excludes smoothies)
§  WEDNESDAY: 2x points on smoothies!
§  THURSDAY: 2x points on packaged coffee & tea!
§  FRIDAY: 2x points on hummus plate & artichoke dip!
§  SATURDAY: 2x points on “Grab & Go” food items! (Excludes beverages)

How to become a Nature’s Way Café Rewards Member:
1. Tell a cashier you would like to sign up!
2. Provide your name and e-mail address information
(We will NEVER share or sell your info with anyone)
3. Receive a free Rewards card (replacement cards cost $1 each)
4. Provide your card on your next order and start getting points!